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Research projects:

RNA-binding agents as antiviral compounds

In this project we aim to design and synthesise a series of new small molecules with drug-like properties, that are able to selectively bind to viral RNA, blocking viral replication.

Protein degraders as antivirals

The main goal of this project is to prepare novel PROTACs compounds that are able to promote the degradation of viral proteins by the natural cellular mechanisms.

Modulators of mitochondria dynamics

Mitochondrial disfunctions are responsible for different diseases. In our group we are working on compounds that affect mitochondria dynamics. These molecules are potentially useful against cancer and other therapeutic areas.

Novel antiviral compounds against Flaviviridae

This project is focused on the optimization of the previously identified hit compounds showing activity against Flaviviruses (e.g., Dengue, Zika).

From natural compounds to small, drug-like molecules

Natural compounds are a good source of bioactive compounds. However, they are often not developed as drugs. In this project we are designing drug-like analogues of a natural compound with neuroprotective activity.






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