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Essential Information for Prospective and Current Students

Cost of living in Prague and information about Prague

PhD Programmes and Research at UCT Prague

PhD Topics of Our Department

We are looking for highly qualified and talented graduate students with a keen interest in chemical research. Motivated students will have the opportunity to join one of the research groups at the Department of Organic Chemistry and will follow an individual research project under the direction of a group leader.

Scholarship and Salary

All PhD students who have joined one of our research group, are granted with scholarship 92 400 CZK per year, with additional 42 000 CZK per year if they are teaching. (Note for expats: Please check Cost of living in Prague for a rough idea of prices.)

Further scholarship can be obtained from Internal Scientific Foundation of the UCT Prague: depending on PhD student's research, publications, conferences, teaching etc., a student can be granted with up to 130 000 CZK per year.

Moreover, the PhD students are expected to participate in full-time/part-time jobs on the projects from e.g. Czech Scientific Foundation. For further details about salary, please contact the supervisor of the PhD topics.  

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